Who am I?

I like finding out how things work. Guess that led me into computers. Trust them? Nope! Remember, never let a computer know you’re in a hurry! I’ve spent a lifetime trying to control them & keep on top of them. If only!

My real passion is music. I’ve been lucky to have a great crowd of people around me who all want to play together & have some fun. Then I wanted to record it all. Using my computer and electronics background I built a 10 channel recorder from a cast-off PCand sound cards from eBay. I now have a high quality workstation which can record 16 channels. Still buy stuff on eBay but now it’s special mics & studio speakers. I think what you hear on the CD is as good as anything you’ll hear on your radio. What do you think?


….and who am I?

Someone said that if you hang around musicians, you will never go to heaven.  If that’s right Pete has a lot to answer for – he does everything but sing! It has been so much fun putting this together, it’s hard to believe it’s legal AND tax free!

I always promised myself when I retired I was going to try and write a novel. I never reached past the elusive fourth sentence, but this project happened instead, and in a way I see these lyrics as mini chapters – its just a good thing they are not all about the same thing?

If you buy our CD, I hope you enjoy it but if not, it also makes a great coaster (buy four) & can be used (in good weather) to warn others of speed traps ahead.


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