How did this all happen, Pete? Well, it’s odd how life goes. 1969 I play in a folk band, build mixer, amp & speakers, then move away & have children. Music stops. Continue to see school friends who are doing the same. By chance, buy a guitar in 2005 & suddenly have three bands to play in. I have fun composing songs. Don’t know Graham is writing poems & lyrics until in 2009 he sings me She Moves Like The Breeze. I think it’s a spoof but it’s serious.

April 2011. Perform at a 60th Party. Graham’s first time in front of an audience. Goes well. Confidence grows. Singing getting better. We talk about putting tunes to his lyrics.

Graham & Liz have a place in La France Profonde. Pauline & I visit them in June 2011. Pack my Martin backpacker & red recorder “just in case”. Given Hiroshima lyrics but no tune springs to mind. Composing “on the spot” is new to me. I worry!  Next day we start. Graham suggests “Something like Road To Hell”. Few minutes later the tune appears. I dash inside to get my recorder & it’s done! Both really happy. He says “It’s a real song”! We create She Moves Like The Breeze; it’s much easier. Graham writes a song overnight. Wish I could do that! Next day, Poppies. Think Sandy Denny (60’s folk singer), Graham says. I scuttle off to the bottom of the garden, & play guitar for a while. He feeds me Gamay & nuts. The tune goes up & down a lot but he gets it. Best one of the holiday.

To Devon. Wow! Room has excellent acoustics. On the CD, the only reverb is the room! I worry about capturing the magic of Le Puits. We create Ordinary Angel, Bad Boy, Young Man’s Song, Black Flowers, Running Out Of Time & Cold Day On The Coast. A real high.

Back to Le Puits in October. Hate boats & brave the English Channel. Set up indoors. Going well, then the mic picks up the rain! Time for Cahors & next song. Tunes flow. We create Too Much Smoke, JD, Weeping in Sepia, & a personal birthday ditty (not for CD).

At home we create Lady Grey, two others for the next CD, & a Christmas tune emerges from twanging my guitar one sleepless night. Odd playing bar chimes in March!

Where are we going from here? Well, Graham’s got all the lyrics for the 2nd album tucked away & he’s onto the third! I need more music time. Might just have to give up work!  Peter.



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